Our Values

The articles of the Treaty of Waitangi underpin the development and delivery of all of our services at Youth Horizons. We are committed to professional practice which demonstrates an understanding of aroha, whanaungatanga, wairuatanga and manaakitanga.

Aroha can be described as ‘good intention’ or ‘good intent’. It encompasses the energy of goodwill, compassion, caring, humanitarianism, and emotional closeness that exists in the space between people, within people, and around people. Aroha is about having a oneness of energy with another. Aroha also encompasses sympathising with another person, being, or concept.

Whanaungatanga  is  about  making  connections between people. As a process it includes telling who you are and where you are from in order to establish links and make connections between places, faces, actions, events, treasures, myths and legends – both structurally and historically. These things are all considered components of what makes a whole person.

Wairuatanga describes spirituality being actively practiced in our everyday lives. All things living and since departed have an essence of life or purpose. Wairuatanga is the embodiment of this principle and therefore allows us to bring this essence to life into the present.

In all facets of life both worldly and spiritual Manaakitanga is demonstrated through practical, spiritual and other means. It involves looking after people, always respecting them and being very careful about how you treat them. It is about supporting each other in order to achieve outcomes and balance.