Ahi Kā

Ahi Kāthe fires that burn

As a caregiver, you are doing one of the most important jobs in our society: caring for our tamariki and rangatahi, our future. Ahi Kā is a programme that acknowledges the great work you are already doing and hopes to share knowledge and skills so that you have more tools in your kete.

Ahi Kāthe fires that burn is the name of our programme because we recognise that this path has been set before us, by our ancestors. Caring for our tamariki and rangatahi is continuing our whakapapa and ensuring we go well and prosper into the future.

The moemoeā, the vision, for our programme is: he tupu aroha, to grow the love that you have for the tamariki and rangatahi in your care. He tupu aroha is achieved by:

  • Providing knowledge of trauma and the impact that this has on the brain.
  • Teaching you skills to manage the challenging behaviours that can result from trauma.
  • Connecting you to other caregivers, so you can expand your whānau and have support as you continue on your haerenga, your journey.

Our courses are run like wānanga, often on marae to enhance not only your learning, but your connection to one another and to your tīpuna, your ancestors. These spaces are safe, a place for you to share and learn from one another, and places you remain connected to, long after Ahi Kā has been completed.

To sign up to our programme and be a part of this whanau, please make sure your caregiver social worker has:

  • Your referral forms filled out with the correct details.
  • Your referral formed signed off by a senior member in their team.

We’re looking forward to having you here with us.

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Nau mai haere mai e te whānau – we welcome you all.