Berry Street receives TFM accreditation

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31 March 2021

We are excited that our colleagues at Berry Street in Melbourne recently achieved initial accreditation with the Teaching-Family Model (TFM). This means that they have been recognised by the Teaching-Family Association as providing high-quality care and effectiveness in the delivery of the Teaching-Family Model, which is also a significant milestone for Youth Horizons | Kia Puāwai, as we were Berry Street’s sponsor agency.

The Teaching-Family Model is based on social learning theory and is a trauma-informed, individualised, strengths-based and needs-driven approach for caring for rangatahi. The approach provides rangatahi with the skills and opportunities they need to develop autonomy, effective problem-solving, and the interpersonal and leadership skills they need to be successful in their whānau, peer groups and communities, and as they develop towards independence. The Model advocates for providing dedicated, specialised support for rangatahi in a family orientated home.

At Youth Horizons | Kia Puāwai, we have been caring for rangatahi in group homes and foster care settings using the framework of the Teaching-Family Model for almost 10 years. We took the decision to implement the Model because the practice standards required help to ensure the highest possible standards of care, in a culturally appropriate and responsive way, and because it provides a clear framework for oversight and accountability.

Kaumātua helped to introduce and embed the model into our practice here in Aotearoa by guiding it through a Māori cultural lens to ensure that we are able to implement the standards in a way that fits well in Te Ao Māori, and is therefore relevant for the rangatahi we care for. We shared our insights about implementing the Model in a culturally appropriate way with our whānau from Berry Street, through hosting members of their Teaching-Family Model leadership team at Kahotea Marae. There, they were able to hear and experience the whakapapa of how we brought the Model into Aotearoa, and the importance of weaving tikanga and kawa throughout the model.

To learn more about the Teaching-Family Model, click here.

We have an awesome team who have worked hard in supporting Berry Street over the past few years, including Clinical Director | Kaitohu Hinengaro Louisa Webster and Kaumātua Pita Te Ngaru, who have both shown outstanding manaakitanga and aroha in action.

Congratulations Berry Street! To read more about their accreditation journey, click here.