Pae Whakatupuranga; highly innovative and unique.

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26 September 2021

We are thrilled to share the results of our recently commissioned literature review of Pae Whakatupuranga by a Māori research organisation, Whakakauae, based in Whanganui. You can read the review here.

Excitingly, the review positioned Pae Whakatupuranga as a unique service, that is highly innovative.

Pae Whakatupuranga is a pilot programme between Youth Horizons | Kia Puāwai, Oranga Tamariki, New Zealand Police and Department of Corrections.  The service is a whānau-based programme designed to break the patterns of criminality and violence in homes that have tamariki and rangatahi up to the age of 24. The programme is relationship-based, strength-based and respect-based. It is both a prevention model as well as an active intervention for adolescents, emerging adults and adults who have been engaged by the justice system. Pae Whakatupuranga interweaves the clinical model of Functional Family Therapy (FFT) with specifically designed Te Ao Māori and Pasifika cultural frameworks, to ensure effectiveness in Aotearoa.

In 2020, Youth Horizons | Kia Puāwai and FFT published a manual ‘Te Huarahi o Te Rangatahi’, which outlines the detail of the model and frameworks. The Māori cultural framework, Whaitake Whakaoranga Whānau, utilises the visual symbol of the takarangi (spiral image as shown on the cover of ‘Te Huarahi o Te Rangatahi’) to represent the therapeutic journey towards new beginnings. Uputāua is a Pan-Pacific framework that offers space to integrate cultural practices unique to each Pacific ethnic group. It centralises the importance of spirituality, intergenerational relationships, and boundaries, roles, and responsibilities for the wellbeing of the collective.

To read more about the Pae Whakatupuranga programme and its goals, click here.


Takarangi 1

         Image of the takarangi symbolising a journey towards new beginnings.