Positive outcome for Teaching-Family Model Triennial Review

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29 October 2019

Youth Horizons | Kia Puāwai are proud to receive recognition of our work in residential and foster care services, with positive feedback from the recent Teaching-Family Model (TFM) Triennial Review.  

The organisation recently welcomed a team of Teaching-Family Model experts from the USA to carry out our triennial review of all TFM services. The Teaching-Family Model aims to help young people to develop the skills they need to successfully integrate back into their whānau (or a lower level of care), succeed in school, their peer groups and the wider community, and thereby ultimately reach their full potential. The model was first developed in the 1960’s and since then has been implemented across an increasing number of sites internationally. A number of research studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in achieving positive outcomes for young people, and therefore Youth Horizons | Kia Puāwai began the journey of implementation in 2010 and opened our first TFM residential group home in 2012. The model is now delivered in all our group homes and some foster care services across Te Tai Tokerau, Auckland, Hamilton, the Bay of Plenty and Hawkes Bay, and is achieving positive outcomes for young people in our care.

The model includes rigorous systems of staff training, supervision and evaluation to ensure that the care of young people and the services they receive are of high quality, and all front-line care staff and caregivers undertake an individual annual certification to this end.

The week-long review involved an assessment of all TFM systems and services across the organisation, as well as a review of the organisational infrastructure and support for the Model.

The reviewers were particularly impressed with the level of care provided by our front-line practitioners and caregivers, highlighting that they are a real strength of the organisation, and we’d agree with them on that! They also highly commended us on the application of our organisational values and our bi-cultural practices in our care of young people and highlighted that they received overwhelmingly positive feedback from all young people they met. They described how young people felt empowered and were able to describe the skills they were working on and that they are proud of their achievements.

The reviewers recommended reaccreditation at the Accreditation and Ethics Committee meeting at the annual Teaching-Family Association conference held in the USA earlier this month, and the recommendation was endorsed by the Teaching-Family Association Board of Directors.

A big shout out and thank you to all staff in our teaching family services!