Our Youth, our Future

The Functional Family Therapy – Cross Generations programme (FFT-CG) supports family/whānau to reduce their involvement with the New Zealand justice system. It’s designed for young people aged 10-24 years and their family/whānau. Our highly-trained therapists meet with whānau in their homes (or other convenient locations) and work with them to:

  • Reduce the risk of re-offending
  • Strengthen family relationships
  • Improve the way family members interact and communicate with each other
  • Improve family wellbeing by reducing aggression and conflict in the home
  • Help young people stay in the home or transition successfully to independent living
  • Help young people either stay in or return to school, training or employment.


From 1 July 2019, the FFT-CG programme will be piloted in Greater Auckland. The programme is being delivered in partnership by Youth Horizons, Oranga Tamariki, Police, Corrections, and FFT LLC (the developers of the FFT model).


How does FFT-CG work?

Our therapists are highly responsive to the cultural identity of the young person and their whānau and are trained to work in ways that are effective and mana-enhancing for Māori and appropriate for Pasifika families.

  • Our therapists work hard to build a strong relationship with whānau built on trust and respect.
  • Tikanga Māori has been woven throughout the programme to ensure it’s relevant for young people and their whānau here in Aotearoa.
  • Our Kaumātua and Māori and Pasifika cultural advisors work closely with our therapists to ensure a good fit and positive outcomes for young people and their whānau.


For the programme to work, all members of the household need to take part. Members of the extended whānau are also welcome to participate. The number of FFT-CG sessions, and the duration of the treatment, will vary to best meet the complex needs of young people and their whānau experiencing the justice system.


The five focus areas are: 

  • Building a trusting relationship between the whānau and the therapist
  • Working to reduce conflict by building a hopeful and positive whānau environment
  • Identifying how whānau interactions can affect behaviour
  • Working to improve communication and conflict management skills
  • Encouraging and supporting the whānau to strengthen their relationships with key people in their community such as teachers and sports coaches.

Our therapists work with the whānau to set goals and milestones so they can see how they’re tracking through the programme. There are plenty of opportunities to celebrate strengths and successes, which is motivating when the going gets tough.


How can whānau access FFT-CG?

 FFT-CG is available for families/whānau in Greater Auckland, including Franklin to the South, Waiheke Island, and Wellsford to the North.

Youth Justice: Oranga Tamariki South Auckland Referrals are made by the South Auckland Oranga Tamariki Youth Justice sites at Otara, Otahuhu, Manurewa, and Papakura for young people aged 10-17 years who are living at home or returning home following a period in residential care. 

Corrections: Referrals are made by Auckland Region Women’s Corrections Facility and Community Corrections offices at Franklin, Manukau, Mangere, Manurewa, Otara and Papakura for young people aged 18-24 years who are on a community sentence or on probation.

Police: Referrals are made by Auckland City and Waitemata Districts for young people aged 10-17 years where police wish to stop progression through the justice system.


Contact Us

For more information about FFT-CG  contact our Referrals Coordinator at fftcg-referrals@youthorizons.org.nz.