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Ka Awatea Transition Service

Ka Awatea, meaning 'the dawning of a new era' is a service providing mentoring and support to young people transitioning from care to adulthood.

Who is Ka Awatea for?

Ka Awatea is a service for young people aged 15 to 21 who have been in the care of Oranga Tamariki and who want support transitioning towards adulthood. Ka Awatea is available across the Auckland region.

How Ka Awatea works

When a young person joins Ka Awatea they are assigned a Kai Atawhai or personal advisor who will support them to make informed decisions about jobs, training, education, where to live and how to build positive peer groups. This can involve connecting with services ranging from those that can help a young person gain a driver's licence to those who help with health and mental well-being.

How to access Ka Awatea 

A young person can be referred to Ka Awatea from the age of 15 onwards.

Find out more

Phone 0800 West Up (0800 937 887) or email us.