Teaching-Family Model (TFM)

Teaching-Family Model (TFM)

The Teaching-Family Model (TFM) was brought into Aotearoa by Youth Horizons I Kia Puāwai through a lengthy process involving direct collaboration with local iwi, to ensure it was going to be appropriate for our rangatahi. The Model aligns with our organisational values of aroha, manaakitanga, wairutanga and whanaungatanga. It has been proven to be effective in a variety of settings and with different people groups, including schools, disability services, foster care, specialist caregiver homes, home-based services, residential treatment facilities, treatment group homes, behavioural health hospital, teenage mothers and their babies, and adult mothers in recovery. 

'The Teaching-Family Model is a philosophy and practice of care and treatment that prioritizes therapeutic relationships with caregivers as the primary conduit of effective treatment in supportive family-style settings. Family-style relationships are seen as essential to the healthy development of social, relational, and interpersonal skills. The Teaching-Family Model is a strength-based, comprehensive and trauma-informed model of care that builds positive change while remaining focused on the holistic development of the person served.' – Teaching-Family Association.

Our employees and caregivers who work within the Teaching-Family Model receive training in trauma-informed care, and learning theory, and most importantly, learn how to use teaching techniques to teach new skills, and respond to behaviours that can be challenging to support. Regular support is provided by specialist staff with the aim of developing skills in implementing the Model, so that our employees and caregivers can become TFM certified. The ultimate goal of our Teaching-Family Model services (both in our Teaching-Family Homes and in our caregiver programmes) is to provide effective therapeutic care and support to our rangatahi.

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The Teaching-Family Model (TFM) is an evidence-based model EMB symbol